The Ribbon Scrap Art Project

Colors in a box

As a result of working retail during the 2011 holiday season, at a cute local chocolate shop that prides itself in super adorable packaging, I have amassed a large quantity of ribbon scraps.

Why did I keep the scraps? Because I felt guilty throwing away all of that color. We do a lot of bows at this shop. Tons and tons. Plus, we use really nice sparkly ribbon. I think it’s polyester. Anyway, the colors are fabulous. Another plus: upcycling is badass.

I got my co-workers involved in saving them for me, and now I need to figure out something to do with all of them. You can fit a lot of ribbon in a tiny little box…and in a bag…or a few bags…

Hence The Ribbon Scrap Project 


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2 responses to “The Ribbon Scrap Art Project”

  1. alyssaandres says :

    Upcycling IS badass and coming up with new and unique ways to use what would have otherwise been garbage is, in my opinion, one of the best forms of art. Be careful though, once you start collecting things it can turn into an obsession. I have already amassed a huge collection of corks, bottle caps, ribbons and rope, empty lighters, small childrens toys…just to name a few. I have them all neatly stored but my friends and family are worried I’m going to end up on that show about Hoarders!!

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