Scrap Test #1 – Ribbon on Muslin

Scrap Test #1 - Ribbon on Muslin

Scrap Test #1 - Ribbon on Muslin

I used a light weight piece of muslin as the base of operations, upon which I layered random-ishly selected pieces from my cache of scrap ribbon. I am SUPER pleased with how this came out. Here are some close-up photos:

Scrap Test #1 - Muslin

A close up with a little flash...

That is a very pale lavender thread, which just happened to be the color on my machine at the time. Coats & Clark Dual Duty XP 3820 to be exact.

I had originally thought that I would also include a shot of the back of the piece, to give you an idea about the randomness at which I threw the bits on, however I got so excited while I was doing this project that I lost all sense of decency and neglected to pay attention to the tension. There were a few runs that would make my grandmothers blush with embarrassment for me. Like, seriously bad.

Now back to some more sexy close-ups:

Another close up, with flash...

Pretty hot, right?

I really love the way the colors play off of each other. The shots above have some backlighting (courtesy of the lovely sunshine that we had in NY last week) accented with a wee bit of flash to make the sparkle-awesome-ness pop just a bit.

In the shots below I let the sun do all of the talking:

And one with the sunlight shining through...

Layers and layers opening in to more layers...

I kind of feel like that photo doesn’t quite do justice to the complexity of color and texture that you get in person, but it gets the point across.

Scrap Test #1 - Muslin


The sides will remain un-hemmed in the short-term, because I kind of like the rough look that I got here.

The original intent behind this test was to see if I could cut through all layers and utilize the resulting “fabric” to make something else. I can’t quite bring myself to cut it all up, now that I’ve gone and gotten myself all attached.

Scrap Test #1 - Muslin

Curtains? Lampshades? Handbags?

When I was done adding ribbon, I randomly stitched around the entire piece to flatten all ends/sides/layers. A darning foot would be a lovely addition to my toolbox. I can make do with the straight stitch for now, but I think some more graphic doodles would look pretty badass as well.

All in all I think this took me around an hour to pull together, however I did get kind of lost in it so it may have been a bit longer.

In the next round we’ll get to explore the translucence a bit more. Onward to Test #2…


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